12 February 2004

1st privately owned rail operator licence in France

13 June 2005

1st privately owned international train between France and Germany

3 July 2006

1st privately owned wagonload train in France

26 November 2007

Start of cross-Channel open access freight traffic by Europorte

4 August 2008

1st privately owned train between France and Belgium

30 November 2009

Acquisition of the French subsidiaries of Veolia Cargo by Eurotunnel Group

28 May 2010

Acquisition of GB Railfreight, 3rd largest privately owned rail freight operator in the UK

December 2010

Europorte wins a first privately owned port infrastructure rail network manager contract (Dunkirk)

July 2011

Safety Certificate awarded in Belgium to Europorte


Europorte has won all of the tenders for contracted infrastructure rail management at ports in France

July 2014

Europorte started the railway and maintenance operations on the 13.6km line between Laluque and Tartas in the Landes region

15 November 2016

Groupe Eurotunnel completes the sale of its British rail freight subsidiary, GB Railfreight, to EQT Infrastructure II.