Our activities 

Europorte develops complementary activities
across the entire rail freight transport logistical chain in Europe.

Due to its dense coverage and capacity to serve industrial sites in Belgium and Germany, Europorte is positioned as a growth vehicle for the Group. It operates across the entire rail freight transport logistics chain, from collecting and routing on primary and secondary national networks via its subsidiary Europorte France to loading and unloading of wagons on private branch lines on industrial sites, and managing rail infrastructure (ports, private and public/private industrial sites) in France and also in Belgium via its subsidiary Europorte Services / Socorail as well as traction of rail freight trains through the Channel Tunnel and ground railway operations in the Frethun (Pas-de-Calais) and Dollands Moore (Kent) yards via its subsidiary Europorte Channel.

Europorte, the leading private operator in rail freight in France

with a fleet of 75 main line locomotives grandes lignes and 10,000 freight wagons: the most eco-responsible mode of transport.

Europorte France: railway traction of freight trains

on main lines of the entire national rail network in France, Switzerland, Belgium and Germany, based on quality of service and safety.

Europorte Services: railway and logistics services

particularly in the oil, chemical, steel, automotive and construction materials sectors.

Europorte Services: quality of service and safety of the activity

on more than 40 industrial sites, 7 largest maritime and river ports in France and 8 railway feeder networks.

Europorte Channel: ground rail operations

on the yards at Frethun (Pas-de-Calais) and Dollands Moor (Kent) and traction of rail freight trains in the Channel Tunnel.

Activity and performance in 2021

tonne-kilometres for Europorte France


of track managed and maintained by Europorte Services / Socorail


trains in commercial operation hauled each week on average

Maintenance and performance

Discover the activity of Europorte's maintenance workshop in Arc-les-Gray where locomotives are fully inspected and repaired.