Europorte Services / Socorail 

Major player in railway operations, logistics and infrastructures

In more than 40 industrial sites and 7 major port infrastructures in France.

Railway and logistics services on more than 40 industrial sites

Wagon and truck handling, maintenance, troubleshooting, loading/unloading, operations on ships, track maintenance…

Railway traffic and infrastructure maintenance management

On 7 major ports - Dunkirk, Le Havre, Nantes Saint-Nazaire, La Rochelle, Strasbourg, Calais-Boulogne, Arles - and some feeder networks.

Europorte Services / Socorail core values

Safety, excellence of service quality, transparency, availability, cost control and reporting.

Europorte Services / Socorail is the leading private specialist in railway handling and logistics services on industrial sites and SEVESO sites in France, particularly in the oil, chemical, steel automotive and on port infrastructures. The company is present throughout France. Since 2018, the company has engaged in the maintenance activity of feeder networks. Since 2018, in addition to its industrial logistics activities, Europorte Services / Socorail has been providing maintenance services on feeder networks.

800 km

of track managed and maintained by Europorte Services / Socorail


industrial sites on which Europorte works


railway networks managed on 7 major French ports

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Operations on industrial sites

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Railway infrastructure management

Find out the know-how and Europorte Services / Socorail offer on port infrastructures and feeder networks.

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