Cookies Policy 

Europorte uses essential cookies to make its website work and would like to use statistics cookies only to optimise the performance and functionalities of its website and measure traffic. You consent to our cookies if you click on ‘Allow all cookies’ and you disable them if you click on ‘Deny all cookies’. To manage cookies, turn them on or off by clicking on Cookies in the footer of the website.

The term ‘cookies’ is used in its broad sense and refers to all tokens saved and/or read when you visit a website, read an email, install or use software or a mobile app.

When you visit a website, the pages you view contain cookies that will be installed on your hard disk. The cookies enable the website owner to detect the browser’s capabilities, display certain content, and guarantee the security of connections. Detection is automatic thanks to the cookie left the first time you visited the website.

On the website, hereinafter the ‘Website’, no cookies are installed to track users. Various cookies are installed for strictly technical reasons. They are the following cookies:

Essential cookies:

These cookies are essential for our website to function correctly and cannot be disabled by our systems. They make the website usable by enabling basic functions such as page navigation and choice of language. The website cannot function properly without these cookies.

Statistical cookies:

Statistical cookies do not belong to us. These cookies enable us to determine the number of visitors and the sources of traffic on our website, in order to measure and improve its performance. They help us to identify the pages visited most or least and to see how visitors navigate around the website, and they reveal any problems that occur when browsing our website. All information collected by these Google Analytics cookies is aggregated and therefore anonymised, so we cannot use it to track individual users.

Google Analytics: Cookies managed by Google (Alphabet Inc.) in order to monitor browsing activity, generate statistics and analyse visits to and use of the different elements of our website. They enable us to improve the performance of our website –

Third party cookies:

We provide links to enable you to share content with other people on certain social networks. When you use these sharing buttons, a third party cookie is installed. If you are logged into the social network while you browse our website, the sharing buttons can be used to link the content you view to your user account.

When you click on them, these buttons generate a third party cookie. You can view the terms of use of these cookies on the websites of these social networks.

EUROPORTE has no control over how they are used or how long they are stored. Europorte therefore accepts no responsibility for cookies sent by third parties. We recommend that you check the cookies policy of each third party website for more information.

Advertising or marketing cookies:

We do not use this type of cookie on Europorte’s website.

EUROPORTE does not use any cookies that can be used to identify personal information. However, if you wish to restrict or block non-essential cookies from this Website or other websites, you can do so through the cookies banner by clicking on Cookies in the footer of the website.

Bear in mind that restricting cookies will have an impact on the Website’s functionality.

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