Railway infrastructure management 

Expertise, quality of service and competitiveness
A true extension of its traditional business and know-how, Europorte Services / Socorail has developed an offer for delegated management of railway infrastructure.

Europorte Services / Socorail focuses a majority of its activities on 7 of the largest French sea and river ports:

  • Dunkirk
  • Le Havre
  • Nantes Saint-Nazaire
  • La Rochelle
  • Strasbourg
  • Calais-Boulogne-sur-mer
  • Arles.

Europorte Services / Socorail’s activities are based on the following 5 main principles:

  • Safety
  • Quality of service
  • Availability
  • Cost control
  • Regular reporting.

The main activities of Europorte Services / Socorail include:

  • Operations and railway traffic management
  • Maintenance of railway networks
  • Railway engineering: audit, consulting, expertise.

Thanks to high-performance and well-maintained equipment, Europorte Services offers a reactive service offer, in compliance with the regulatory framework.

  • Railway safety provided in compliance with the regulations in force and support for reference documents linked to operations
  • Customised management tools developed by our teams : optimised planning of traffic on a network and interface with RFN (National Rail Network), real-time personalised monitoring thanks to an innovative web application, reporting tailored to your needs
  • Expert teams: monitoring and skills management, responsiveness/flexibility, writing of the OSR (Operating Safety Rules) and local regulations.
  • Preventive, systematic and conditional maintenance of points and switches, catenaries, level crossings, engineering structures and electrical and mechanical signaling equipment
  • Completion and acceptance of the works
  • Stocks of safety spare parts (3,000 references of which 2,000 stored)
  • CMMS providing relevant performance indicators.
Railway engineering: audit, consulting, expertise
  • Infrastructure audit: balance sheet, contradictory audit, state of the assets
  • Innovative measurement tools: wagon for measuring the geometry of the track under load, S3M system for Measurement Capture and Maintenance Control
  • SMS writing, Safety Management System
  • Experts at your service to streamline maintenance thanks to great adaptability while respecting safety (track, catenary, signaling, …).


of track managed and maintained, including 86km electrified by catenar


level crossings managed and maintained as part of the railway networks


railway networks of French maritime and river ports

Activity of feeder network management

Since 2018, Europorte Services / Socorail has developed its maintenance activity on feeder networks (small railway lines that lead to industrial sites or agricultural silos). Europorte has already won some tenders in the following regions in France:

  • South-western region: Bec d’Ambes line (16km) and that between Laluque-Tartas (13km)
  • Northern region: ST-Quentin-Origny line (28km) and line from Berry-au-Bac to Guignicourt (5km)
  • 4 lines in the Eastern region: 67km between Esternay and Oiry, 8km between Verdun and Dugny, 28km from Neufchâteau to Gironcourt and 20km between Pont-St-Vincent and Rosières.