Railway operations and logistics services on industrial sites

With more than 40 years of experience, Europorte Servicesis the private expert in railway operations and logistics services on industrial sites in France, in particular in the petroleum, chemical, steel, automotive, construction material sectors and waste management.

Europorte Services' activities cover a range of services to industry, mainly involving dispatch and reception of basic, semi-finished or finished products. Europorte Services offers the following services:

  • Management of terminal industrial sidings including reception, handling and dispatch of loaded or unloaded wagons and the associated administrative processing
  • Railway operations on industrial sidings
  • Loading or unloading wagons, including tank-wagons
  • Providing railway traction units
  • Preventive maintenance on tracks, including points and crossings, catenaries, level crossings, civil engineering infrastructure and signalling equipement (electrical or mechanical) as well as weeding activities using crop protection products (phytosanitary) under its NC 00933 authorisation
  • Management of front offices and loading tracks for tank-wagons.

Europorte Services works on around 40 industrial sites, including around 20 sites classified as SEVESO II in the oil, chemicals, steel, automotive and construction material sectors. Europorte Services is MASE and ISO 9001 certified.

Europorte Services' in-depth experience in operations and logistics management covers services outside the railway transport sector:

  • Loading operation management on trucks and ships
  • Processing, potting and off-loading of chemical and petroleum products
  • Warehousing and storage of chemical and petroleum products
  • Management of technical equipment (grinders, lifting equipments, loading bays)
  • Management of warehouses and depots and safety parts (3,000 product references including 2,000 in stores)
  • Control of specific transport regulations for some products (food-related products or dangerous goods)
  • Associated administration management.

The ambition of Europorte Services is to answer the triple customer’s objective: safety, competitiveness and quality of service.

For more than 5 years, Europorte Services embarked on a new avenue of development by launching its 1st level maintenance offering on the wagons of its customers in order to guarantee a high level of reliability and availibility of the rolling stock. This maintenance includes small repairs in situ to avoid immobilising or moving the rolling stock to some often distant workshops. This service carried out directly on site includes:

  • Maintenance operations on a preventive or corrective level for wagons on sites: troubleshooting, replacing equipment such as brake shoe blocks, lubricating buffers and coupling equipment, fastening safety device elements, etc

  • Technical visits and controls on wagons

  • Maintenance, troubleshooting and repair works on shunters on sites and in workshops

  • Renovation of shunters

  • Re-railing of derailed trains (locomoties, shunters and wagons)

  • Rental and sale of traction units and spare parts.

Our technicians, based locally in most of France regions, can intervene directly on your site with their workshop van and carry out maintenance operations, thus reducing:

  • Downtime immobilisation of wagons
  • Rail movement costs for wagons in maintenance
  • Maintenance operation time
  • Organisational constraints

Our technicians have all the safety certifications needed to intervene on industrial sites and on the national railway. All maintenance operations are carried out according to the CUU (utilisation and maintenance standards for wagons). Europorte Services works for the main company who lease wagons: VTG, Ermewa, Millet, Nacco, Touax,…

Location of Europorte Services works in France: our expertise in operations on industrial sites.


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