Europorte Proximité

Europorte Proximité operates and manages the circulation of full trains or individual wagons over short distances on secondary lines with reduced traffic.

Europorte Proximité also manages rail infrastructure subcontracted from SNCF or local authorities.

On an extensive rail network, Europorte Proximité:

  • Runs80km of lines around the branch at Gray (Haute-Saône)
  • Operates a workshop for the maintenance of diesel locomotives in Gray.

Europorte Proximité has developed specialised know-how in the safety of passenger and freight train circulation within strict national regulations:

  • Itinerary management
  • Points and level crossing operation
  • Route and itinerary access to principal tracks
  • Infrastructure access management to maintenance workshops
  • Lighting systems management.

Europorte Proximité is also a specialist in rail track and track-side preventive and corrective maintenance:

  • Replacement of equipment (rails, sleepers, joints, ballast,...)
  • Maintenance and correction of track geometry
  • Electrical and mechanical maintenance (signalling, level crossings, track to train radio,…)
  • Catenary maintenance
  • Civil engineering on infratructure and track-side maintenance.

Europorte Proximité is optimising its maintenance activities, bringing them as close as possible to its operating centres.

Europorte Proximité owns a maintenance workshop in Arc-les-Gray.

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