Bourgogne Fret Services

At the end of 2012, Europorte and Cerevia jointly created Bourgogne Fret Services, a local railway operator subsidiary, co-owned at 67% by the rail freight operator and at 33% by the agricultural cooperative.

The new local railway operator generates traffic flows by creating trains for one or more customers in the food industry to be pooled with other sectors such as timber or metallurgy, enabling them to benefit from existing resources.

This new transport solution offers other companies in the Burgundy region and beyond the opportunity to access an efficient rail freight service.

This local railway operator provides a reliable transport service and is a tool for regional planning. It stimulates growth and new alliances since it is open to other firms to use it for transport between their terminals and thus helps to strengthen rail services in rural areas.

In 2014, Europorte celebrated the 1,000th train between the hub at Venarey-les-Laumes in Burgundy and the Tellines site in Port-Saint-Louis (Marseille-Fos). More than 1.5 million tonnes of grain have already been transported since 2009.

The creation of Bourgogne Fret Services reflects the trust between the two partners, extending the cooperation that began back in 2010 when Cerevia awarded Europorte a contract to transport about 400,000 tonnes of wheat and barley from its silos in Burgundy and silos on the Rhine and Moselle rivers to Fos-sur-Mer

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