Europorte is the rail freight business of Getlink.

Europorte, the Group's subsidiary specialising in rail freight, is the first privately owned French operator to have been granted a rail operator licence by the public authorities in France for developing rail services throughout the European Union.

Europorte comprises mainly 3 subsidiaries: Europorte France, Europorte Services (Socorail's brand) and Europorte Proximité.

Thanks to its dense coverage in france, Europorte is positioned as a growth vector for Getlink. Europorte is present across the entire rail freight transport logistical chain, from collecting and haulage on primary and secondary networks (Europorte France), loading and unloading of wagons on private branch lines on industrial sites (Europorte Services), to managing rail infrastructure (ports, private and public/private industrial sites) in France and also in Belgium and the maintenance of diesel locomotives (Europorte proximité). Europorte is developping its various complementary activities concurrently in order to offer its customers compelte and customised solutions that meet their expectations for integrated logistics chains and high quality of service.

Europorte is a group that offers a full range of integrated services under one brand at a European level:

  • Hauling of freight trains on main lines in France and Belgium, and, in cooperation with partners, connections to neighbouring European countries (Luxembourg, Germany, Italy and Switzerland)
  • Operation of local freight services on secondary lines (traction, ground services, wagon movements,...) around hubs and port terminals
  • Industrial services: logistics, rail freight handling on industrial sites (oil, chemical, steel, automotive) and additional services such as loding/unloading, infrastructure management,...
  • Rail services: testing of locomotives and delivering rolling stock for manufacturers
  • Contracted infrastructure management of rail networks in ports or other industrial sites.

Europorte is consolidating its position in France

In 2017,Europorte managed to increase its revenue by +2% to €118M compared to 2016, stimulated in particular by growth in the transport of chemical products. With a growth in EBITDA to €6M, the segment recorded a net profit in 2017.

Quality of service, which has been the cornerstone of Europorte's reputation since its acquisition by Getlink in 2009, is a major asset when strengthening commercial relationships. In 2017, Europorte has won new contracts as well as renewed and broaden existing contracts, mainly in the vehicle, cement, oil and chemical products transportation sector.

Europorte is optimising its maintenance activities, bringing them as close as possible to its operating centres, for its locomotives and wagons.

With the same aim to boost the efficiency of its operations and the quality of its services, Europorte is also offering its customers first level maintenance for their wagons in order to guarantee a high-level of reliability and availability:

  • On a preventive level, technical control visits of trains by Europorte qualified agents according to the General Contract for Use of wagons (GCU) directives signed up by Europorte who complies with the requirements.
  • On a corrective level, first level maintenance operations and troubleshooting on sites, such as replacing brake shoe blocks, lubricating buffers and coupling equipment, fastening of safety device elements, etc. These maintenance works are provided by Europorte Services or may be subcontracted.

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