Working for Europorte is a real human and professional adventure in a company which has based its strategy on sustainable development.

Through process, training and working conditions, we champion many values: solidarity, progress, innovation and social management. Our success is built on respecting our employees as they are the primary contributors to our achievements.

Training and recruitment

To support the growth in Europorte’s activity, more than 250 train drivers were recruited by Europorte France and trained by the CIFFCO, the Getlink's training subsidiary. Nearly 150 ground staff for Europorte France and Europorte Services/Socorail and 50 rolling stock technicians for Europorte Services have also been recruited in recent.

In total, more than 100,000 training hours were provided in 2015 to Europorte staff in France and in the United Kingdom, of which a large part to trainee train drivers. Other trainings mainly relate to ground staff, safety agents and changing roles.

Recruitment in France

Most positions are based in France and require to speak French. To apply for a position, please send your application (cover letter and CV) by email to the address below: