Sustainable commitments

Europorte is committed on a daily basis to developing a unique culture and an innovative offer based on four main values: safety, quality of service, training and respect for the environment.


Europorte is the first private rail company since 2004 to be granted an operator licence by the French State authorising it to develop rail services throughout the European Union. Safety represents a top priority for Europorte, exercising rigour on a daily basis in its management of safety and in its implementation of railway operating regulations:

  • Expertise on Seveso sites
  • Quality certification
  • 4 MASE certificates
  • Transport of dangerous goods according to international regulations (RIP, ADR)
  • Channel Tunnel Certification
  • SPA risk prevention policy.

Since 2012, Europorte has further reinforced monitoring of skills and security clearances, including the introduction of an IT tool to manage clearances for all staff exercising safety functions. All safety incidents are recorded and analysed, so that recommendations can be made and action plans drawn up.

Each year, Europorte organises a Safety Week event in order to raise employee awareness on the respect of safety guidelines. In 2017, the Safety Week focused this year on the risks of occupational accidents, with feedback on the least rare indicents (car accidents, hand injuries, falls). Managers made also more than 60 site visits to discuss a variety of topics with employees from the various subsidiaries.

The company is pursuing its policy management of quality of service, safety and respect of the environment as described globally in the Europorte vision and politicy charter (French version).

Quality of service

Europorte offers integrated rail services on all market segments, on all distances and for all types of goods.

Europorteis able to propose personalised solutions on the full range of rail services under a single brand, with the primary objectives of quality of service and simplified solutions for its customers:

Regularity: Europorte France is committed to its customers for its trainsto achieve and deliver a 85% regularity rate
Punctuality: Europorte France is committed to its customers for its trains to achieve and deliver a 90% punctuality rate (within 2 hours of schedule)
Quality: an ongoing quest to improve the quality of service offered according to the high standards set by the Group
Expertise: a technical expertise of the specifics of the rail sector, logistics, maintenance and cross-Channel traffic
Flexibility: Europorte offer tailor-made services to their customers, a mark of competitiveness in the rail freight sector
Optimisation of transportation plans on the basis of regular allocation of train paths
Guarantee of high level of service by providing reliable human and equipment resources dedicated to traffic
Real time communications to customers on the situation of their goods traffic


Europorte allocates a large budget for the training of its employees and for safety-related training. In 2017, Europorte has provided its employees in France more than 15,000 training hours.

Europorte manages training of its future and current employees with the the International railway training centre in Coquelles (CIFFCO). This training centre, which is also a subsidiary of Getlink, delivers a large number of training courses, in particular for train drivers, safety positions such as shunters, checkers, or foreman shunter.

›› More on CIFFCO website

Respect for the environment

Circulation of goods by rail is a transport mode particularly suited to long distances, for large loads and consistent with predominantly night time traffic. Compared to the road alternative, rail freight benefits from clear environmental advantages that contribute to limiting pollution and greenhouse gas emissions (road transport generates 8 times more CO2 than rail transport), to improving road traffic flow and to reducing the risk of road accidents.

With the support and commitment of the group, Europorte is consolidating its environmental strategy. In addition to a transparent reporting on withdrawals and waste disposal, a process of identifying the impacts of Europorte's impacts on the environement has been put into place since a few years and has led to the implementation of a range of actions:

  • Optimising energy consumptions in order to reduce the impact on the environment. Thanks to a wide range of electric and diesel locomotives, Europorte is able to provide the most economical and the least polluting mode of transport. When possible, it endeavours the use of electric locomotives. Diesel locomotives are equipped with the latest technology and conform to the highest environmental standards.All mainline diesel locomotives are equipped with energy consumption monitoring boxes as most of the electric locomotives. The Start & Stop system which allows energy savings and lowers environmental impact has also been installed on the 7 new DE18 diesel-electric locomotives of Europorte France.
  • Implementation of waste sorting/collection schemes and recycling according to the various activities
  • Selectig products the most environmentally-friendly, in particular phytosanitary products
  • Creation of green areas for car parks, shunting yards and maintenance operations on locomotives
  • Raising employees awareness on eco-friendly bahaviour, in particular during the Green Week organised in 2017.

To meet customers concerns, Europorte and its subsidiaries are offering to produce an environmental performance report for them to compare logistics solutions according to their environmental impact.

To find out more on CSR, please read the2017 Annual Review and Corporate Social Responsibility Reportof Getlink.